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The JC & Frankie Watts Foundation
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The J.C. & Frankie Watts Foundation was established to support the advancement of vulnerable Americans in the areas of education, economics, and health. Our Foundation supports organizations and efforts that work to create and implement proven models that:

  • Educate and increase awareness to vulnerable communities about economic, education and health issues;
  • Increase opportunities and resources for vulnerable communities; and
  • Motivate vulnerable populations to action and sustained change.


Back to School Initiative

Founded in 2010, this annual event takes place in Eufaula, Oklahoma to assist vulnerable students of the community to prepare for back to school. Over 120 students receive back-to-school supplies and families gather for a day of food and fun to motivate and encourage students for a successful school year.

Full-Impact Leadership Academy (FILA)

The Full-Impact Leadership Academy was founded in 2005 to assist high school athletes from vulnerable communities in developing their leadership skills. The 3 day academy provides dynamic workshops that focus on leadership development and inspires young people to achieve to their full potential. Students are taught the key principles in community service, financial management and health. Students meet with high-ranking government officials, business people, members of Congress, diplomats, media figures and more—all while partaking in a diverse curriculum with interactive simulations.

Golden Opportunities Workshops

Golden Opportunities was founded in 2007 to assist high school girls from vulnerable communities develop life skills that go beyond the core curriculum of the classroom to the core tenants of leadership, dignity and community. Students are taught to set personal goals and manage the extraordinary dynamics of peer pressure. Our Girl Talk Workshops include the following topics: Goal Setting; Building Self Esteem; Etiquette Essentials; and When Money Matters. This initiative provides students with an opportunity to meet high-ranking government officials, members of Congress, diplomats, media figures and more.


The J.C. & Frankie Watts Foundation provides assistance to organizations and programs that are designed to teach and guide young people in vulnerable communities. We look for partners who are achieving meaningful outcomes with proven results within our mission. For more information please contact us.

The J.C. & Frankie Watts Foundation is a non-profit organization exempt from federal income tax as an Internal Revenue Code (509(a)) Section 501(c)(3) organization. As such, contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Founding Members

Mr. Chris Anderson
Mr. Dana K. Anderson
Mr. Dodee Black
Mr. Robert Connor
Mr. & Mrs. Tim den Dulk
Mr. Ronald DeFeo
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Rose
Mr. Lowry Mays
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Sacher
Mr. David Sachs
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Yanney

Friends of the Foundation

Mr. Jerry Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell & Fleeta Bakers
Dr. Andrea Grubb Barthwell
Mrs. A. Jo Baylor
Mr. Charles Butler
Ms. Joanna Campbell
Mr. Richard Chambers
Mr. Red Mc Combs
Mr. Vernon Darko
Ms. Yvonne Davis
State Representative Joseph D. Deshotel, Texas
Mrs. Deborah Burstion-Donbraye
Ms. Anita Estell
Mr. Antonio Davis Fairman
Mr. Stephen Farris
Ms. Catherine Flowers
Mr. Freddy Gary
Mr. Robert Heightly
Mr. Lee Hennessee
Mr. Ty Hogan
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Mr. Wilber Hughes
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Ms. Kim Kenrick
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Mr. Lamell McMorris
Bishop Andrew Merrit
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New Century Financial Corporation
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